Mobile Phone Forensics

Mobile phones or cell phones are now one of the most widely available personal accessories used in all corners of the world. Phones manufactured in the last few years have cameras built in; they also have the ability to record video, create documents and access the internet. These fundamental tools are readily available and used by people all over the world for the right reasons.

Some of these phones are however, being used for inappropriate purpose, at Silent Witness we use the latest technology available to retrieve all data, establish the integrity and analyse the facts. Due to the many types of phone on the market today all with their own unique operating systems, various techniques are used to extract the information from the mobile phone.

Evidence is acquired in a forensically sound manner, meaning that no data is ever written to the device.

Satellite Navigation Forensics

Purchases of satellite navigation equipment have soured recently; they have become a more affordable item for daily use.

Data recorded upon these systems can be valuable not only for the prosecution but also for the defence. Connectivity within the units can also provide mobile phone calls, text messages, and prove within feet that a person was or was not in a specific location at a specific time.