Computer Investigation

With the explosion of computer and internet related crimes leaving trails of digital evidence, there is a growing need to increase forensic capabilities. At silent witness whether the crime involves drugs, violence, fraud, child pornography or even acts of terrorism, following the electronic trail is a critical component of putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Although recovering digital evidence is a critical part of even the most routine police investigation, on the increase is the corporate organisation that is utilising computer forensics, investigating incidents such as inappropriate computer use, inappropriate email use, unauthorised data duplication and disloyal employees. This is not only a Human Resource departments Issue. Directors the I.T Department and Internal Security are the biggest users of these specialist corporate services.

We provide advice to support legal counsel and management for complex and often data intensive settlements or trial. In order to do this training is constant and ongoing, we use the most current and advanced methods available such as:

Encase by Guidance Software and our investigators are forensic methodology trained. Encase is validated by numerous courts worldwide and is frequently honoured with top security awards from eWEEK, SC Magazine, Network Computing and many others.
Our Investigators are fully qualified and hold the EnCe Qualification from Guidance showing a sign of professionalism and an in-depth knowledge of Computer Forensics.