Welcome to Silent Witness

Digital evidence obtained from computer forensic analysis can prove to be a deciding factor in a legal case. It could be used to prove that a crime has been committed, defend innocent parties, or identify suspects. We provide expert services in computer forensics, our experienced and qualified team can scientifically gather, process and interpret data within any digital device.

Services available:

  • Forensic examination of all Hard Disc Drives (PC, Laptop, Networked and External)
  • All external media covered (CD's, DVD’s, Flash Drives, RAM Cards, Floppy Disks)
  • Acquisition of data on site using a specialised mobile forensic toolkit, or at our fully equipped forensic laboratory
  • Recovery of data that has been deleted
  • Examine all data according to the instructions provided
  • Provide documents outlining our findings
  • Provide an expert witness statement upon completion
  • Data acquisition utilising leading forensic computing hardware & software
  • Search and seizure (fast response times available)
  • Exhibit preservation for fingerprint analysis
  • 24 Hr call-out service (available upon request) Silent Witness to be a separate forensics investigations division linked to one of the most successful data recovery labs in the UK.

Our forensics offices are based on a high security site and have such benefits as 24 Hour Security Guards, Camera Monitoring and Door Swipe / Access Logging.